Guards are the Tier 2 class of choice for fighters who wish to follow a more defensive path. Guards are the only Tier 2 class able to learn Heavy Armor Expertise, increasing their defense even more when wearing heavy armor. These stout defenders are also the only Tier 2 fighter class capable of learning area of effect damage skills. This allows guards to round up many enemies together and deal damage to all of them at the same time. Guards tend to prefer fighting with a one-handed weapon and shield, as this allows them to take advantage of the unique shield skills only available to Guards in the second tier. This is often the path of choice for players who enjoy grouping with others, as Guards can round up enemies while their partners help take them down.


  • Able to withstand a lot of damage with Heavy Armor Expertise passive skill
  • One-handed weapon plus shield for increased defense
  • Exclusive shield skills such as shield stun
  • Area of effect damage skill
  • Defensive buff skill


  • Kills more slowly than a Warrior
  • Weak Physical Attacking Power

Next JobEdit

At level 40, a Guard may choose to Infantryman, Swordsman, or Mercenary (Human only).


the following is a list of the upgrade to the level cap of the following skills as well as the new skills obtained from this class:

Active Skill listEdit

File:Windy Slash.PNG Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Windy Slash One-Handed (ex: Dagger) Active No 10
File:Strike Attack.PNG Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Strike Attack One-Handed Active No 10
File:Blunt Shield.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Blunt Shield Shield Active No 5
File:Bloody Sky icon.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Bloody Sky One-Handed Active Yes 5
File:Blessing Guard.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Blessing Guard Active No 2
File:Vital Power UP.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Vital Power UP Active Yes 4

Passive SkillsEdit

File:One-Hand Mastery.jpg Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
One-Handed Training One-Handed Passive No 10
File:Enhance HP.jpg Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Enhanced HP Passive No 10
Description: .
File:Heavy Armor Expertise.png Name Armor Type Area Max Level
Heavy Armor Expertise Heavy Passive No 5
Description: Increased physical defend when using Heavy Armor.
File:Magic Barrier.png Name Weapon Type Area Max Level
Magic Barrier Passive No 5
Description: Increased magical defend.